Friday, July 22, 2011

Why "curl" is way better than "wget"

I am an OLD SCHOOL admin tought from the old school class of using wget, I guess its time to move on. In this section I will highlight to you some very important key features on why curl is way too robust than wget.

Curl is better than wget for the following reasons:
1. Uses libcurl a cross platform library
2. curl sends more stuff to stdout and reads more from stdin
3. curl supports ftp, ftps, http, https, scp sftp, tftp, telnet, dict, ldap and ldaps while wget supports only http, https and ftp
4. curl has SSL support
5. libcurl supports more http authentication methods
6. Curl is bidirectional while wget offers http post support only
7. Curl has more development activities


curl -l -O

The one advantage I see in using wget is it’s ability to download recursively.
In short curl is better and more powerful. I actually don't need to install it on most UNIX servers as curl is already available by default.


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