Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Perils of TRUST - An IS Auditors Nightmare

I have worked for many years as a systems/network administrator, I have learned to live and adopt with the changing patterns of IT, which we have grown to know well. I have made enemies doing the right thing. I made friends to those enemies whom has done the wrong thing. In the end, we are rational beings tending along the stages of life. There are some science that just cannot be corrected due to its mortal beginnings and one of this truth is "TRUST"

To TRUST is to be believe that a thing, undertaking, and/or idea will work according to an individuals plans and desires. It is our belief system which we choose to adopt shall provide us the necessary cognitive apprehension of what "IS" and what "WAS". As an auditor, we are thought the high gaining values of TRUTH and HONESTY. When we learn to TRUST on something which we believe will generate a fair TRUTHFUL and HONEST outcome, we tend to relax a bit and put down our guard. This should not be the case.

TRUST is the most priced trait of an individual who PRIDES himself/herself of his accomplishment and works. Auditors are not an exemption. We are continually targeted by MALICIOUS self-centered agents of the trade. These agents DISGUISE themselves as CO-WORKERS, CLIENTS, FRIENDS and CORRUPTED POLICIES designed to harbor all the LIES and DECEIT man can think off. Therefore, it is our sworn duty to JUSTLY identify these agents and remove them from the SYSTEM. The SYSTEM is what we serve and though the SYSTEM we grow. Treat it with respect and it will reward you with peace of mind. Treat it with a twisted Intent and you are doomed to have sleepless nights.

The reason, why I find this so compelling is that I worked as a systems engineer for a good deal of time and I have learned everything there is necessary to understand what the DARK desires of an admin are and what they can do to a fellow admin.


A systems administrators builds a new server performs the necessary hardening and then performs the necessary ..... [to be continued ...]

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