Saturday, July 23, 2011

Time Snatchers

For the not so unconventional and always looking forward admin, I have a few brewed time killers to get you, looking back at how it used to be when things aren't too serious.


1. Pirates of the Silicon Valley -- the Apple and Microsoft love-affair
2. Revolution OS - Documentary, it highlights the advocacies of Open Source and the Free Software Foundation.
3. VODO.NET - if you are a true advocate of Creative Commons, then find the time to download there huge array of mini-series,documents and short films. This is how tv should be, the viewers chooses if-when-where-it-ends!


1. Probably not everybody's choice but worth the read: Harry Potter (Books 1-7) ain't too old to have time discussing things with the kids. It brings out the ideas in them and sponsors confidence, trust, good learning through reading. A much needed exercise is not to common these days especially for the youth of today.

2. The Art of Unix Programming: A defacto standard! Understand why Unix is still around today and what universal "chi" it has spawned through its 40 years of existence.

3. Cathedral and the Bazzar: Every known X "As" a service must have read this book. Truly worth while.

Sports/Leisure -- Family:

Going to Church, Malling, Dinning with the Family. It gives you a sense of purpose on why you have been working so hard and where it is all being poured to.

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