Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Embracing Basic Systems Administration to programming Databases using Microsoft Access

This is a continuation of my previous post..."Start of my open source stint"...

From my previous post, I was merely story telling how I became a fanatic computer addict by getting my hands dirty on a pentium 100 machine with 8 megs of ram installed with Windows 95! My first assumption was to determine whether I could really pass through administering stand alone ....sneaker net...set-up to understanding the underlying technologies at that time. The seamless efforts and sleepless nights paid off well, since I get a chance to really troubleshoot problems alot and with very limited access to internet resources... Books are the only resource that held me sane and comforts my deep questions to problems that we encounter on a daily basis. I guess during those days attending information tools training was a comfort but finding schools can be a very daunting task...I mean the foundation of learning and eagerness to learn new things with these tools is emmensely passionate. At least on my part its clear that 1996 was a turning point of my career as an IT professional and specializing on sysetms administration.

It was sometime around september of 1996 that my employeer found a suitable schooling for its candidate employees and lo and behold -- perhaps a great opportunity for me. After some time, I found myself siffing through alot of the day-to-day task in helping out my colleagues with their daily chores of finding solutions to obvious problems. Modesty aside, I begin to be the most in-demand employee of that office which eventually took much of my time working out solutions to problems numbering from word processing, spreadsheet and powerpoint issues. As you can say I became an expert in dealing with scenarios wherein I was literally doing their electronic document work for them!

A pain? yes...but it was until one time that I needed to understand that there is much more than just encoding those legal documents we have and turning them into soft-copy formats. Part of my work entails organizing alot of applications coming from its clientele and encoding them for soft-copies where we can store to tape. The never ending cycle of encoding without the avability to retrieve much needed usable data was beginning to dig down into my nerves! I was looking at ways on how to automate things.

as you would know part of the microsoft office product suite is a tool called access! Yes, microsoft access to be exact. I looked at it with prying eyes....deep down I begin to feel its energy and power expecially to organizations who has little to no knowledge of understanding microsoft access. I mean they have DBASE programs which they created but it has outlived its usefulness to the departmental arena. One day I fired up microsoft access and started creating tables with it. I then got to a bookstore and looked at books that could help. There, I found Sams edition of Microsoft Access in 21 Days!!! goodness.... I immediately saved money to buy that book and start working with my first database application. Soon after that I bought another book which covers a much deeper learning curve of just the basic tables, queries and forms features of microsoft access! Visual Basic for Applications took me by storm. I became adhorently facinated with its power and what it could do to my simple application, I was able to extend it to a certain degree but, that's it.

To be continued...

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