Friday, January 9, 2015

Trobleshooting Roundcube Webmail Error: Message size exceeds fixed limit

At times you will encounter an error with your roundcube system with bouncing emails caused by limitations in the mail system.  If you get this error:  Message size exceeds fixed limit

Chances are your message_size_limit is not set to be as flexible with your current configuration for roundcube to fix this do the following:

1. Edit the file which roundcube reads to assign the global variables /var/www/html/roundcube/.htaccess file and change the following configurations to this one.

php_value       upload_max_filesize     32M
php_value       post_max_size           32M

2.  Check your postfix mailer configuration by issuing the command:
postconf -d |grep message_size_limit

If you did not get a value you need to fix this.

3.  To fix the limit issue the command.

postconf -e 'message_size_limit = 104857600'

4.   To fix the 'mailbox_size_limit' issue you need to add this using the command:

postconf -e 'mailbox_size_limit = 0'

5.  Reload postfix for the changes to apply.

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