Saturday, July 21, 2012

Building Subversion from Bleeding Edge Repos (CentOS/RHE)

There are times that you wanted to get the latest stable release software packages available, but is not readily found via the repos of your distribution of choice.  RHE and CentOS are know for its notoriety of  using very old and stable packages, albeit to say -- they carry older stocks.  RHE Engineers pride themselves for being well known in compiling source to RPM packages with security in mind.

Now, if you are the type of sysadmin/developer who wants to try out "bleeding edge" technologies you can always turn to downloading the source packages and doing the necessary leg-work to get what you wanted.   One such package that technical people can't live without is subversion.  Subversion technology allows for greater versioning control and code audit trail.  If you use RHE / CentOS you may want to look into these repos for some new features that may interest you.


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