Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SMS triggered service executions on Unix/Linux Systems,

There isn't enough material out there on the net that teaches systems administrators a thing or two about how to integrate your SMS monitoring to a complete real time system that allows you to execute commands via SMS.

In this post we will do just that.  The requirement is that you have an SMS server running and functional; plenty of time to brush up on your proof of concept skills.  It may not be the complete solution to what you have in mind but for me it works fine.  The goal is simply to respond to issues you deal on a day-to-day basis, albeit real-time response whenever a problem arises.


Map out the logical flow behind your project.  We all know that SMS messages are triggered events, it could be automatic events or human response events.  A working SMS server will have both; by the time you receive a message coming from your monitoring system suggest that an automatic event has been triggered which based on the given configuration you made; sent out the notification informing you that such an event has taken place.  Now, often if a computer is within reach our first reflex-response is to login work on the issue.  This is the reality for the first given days, weeks and months.  Apparently, that ceases when you encounter too-many false positives. 

Working out a Real-time solution

To address this one-way communication between you and to those systems that you manage you have to be able to manage it directly via your mobile phone.  A cheap solution to a very urgent event which could mean alot to the company you manage.

.... to be continued ....

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