Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SUDO - A friend with a Nasty Make-over

One of the strengths of NIX systems is to ability to use tools that allows non-escalated users to perform administrative task within a limited set of controlled domains on a given system (reminiscent with the Windows "RUN-AS" command).  This is where SUDO comes in!  If you are a seasoned engineer sudo can help you alot in giving access to user who needs to issue what commands and do what commands.

However, if done incorrectly you will have one hell of a nightmare looking for someone in the team who performed what on where.   Ideally, you should only give access to certain users who are members of your systems engineering team.  But there are cases when members of the development needs to have escalated access to perform task.

At times a systems engineer who is on vacation will have to rely on his next in line colleague to do things right.  But what if that person is not around to do those things?  The next protocol would be to allow members of the technical to have access to a same level of privileged as yours or any member of your team.

The problem arises when someone misuses this privilege to play with something.  Recently, I had experience the worst possible example of a mismanaged "SUDO" (which I authored) implementation!  It started on a regular working day in which I need to login to production system (Note:  PRODUCTION SYSTEM), I issued the command $sudo su - (to drop me to root, because we virtually erased from memory root password!)  and voila!  I go this instead:

.... Your are not in the sudo list this will be reported ....

Not only one system but on two (2) different servers!

What are the lessons learned here

1.  Implement a sudo list that has levels of escalations.  It will help you identify the culprit immediately.

2.  Identify known vulnerabilities of key programs such us vi etc.  If you know it by now a user who can issue escalated vi privileges can easily drop him to root!

3.  Always be prepared to suspend all users with sudo capability!  This will prompt your users that you are serious in implementing control to which users will have escalated privileges to what program and to what extent.

SUDO is good.  Only if it serves you right and with the right mind set.  But if you think its a solution to help you solve fire at will hungry tech guys then you are mistaken. Better have a PASSWORD VAULT!  I think you know how the rest of the story from here on.

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